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The Selinda Explorers Camp is located in the 320,000-acre private wildlife sanctuary called Selinda Reserve of northern Botswana. The camp is built subtly under the shade of the riverine forest and on the banks of the famous Selinda Spillway which is an ephemeral waterway that links the Okavango Delta with the Linyanti wetlands and the Chobe River system. The camp does not only pride its stunning position out on the open plains but also their very satisfactory service and the experience of a heightened sense of intimacy and very strong wildlife viewing.

wild dogs

The wild dogs, which is Africa’s most endangered predators are seen and usually dens in close proximity to the camp. The Selinda Explorers camp is also renowned for elephants, lions, and leopard sightings. There are also other wildlife animals roaming around the vast plains of the reserve like the buffalo which sometimes congregate in huge herds, zebra, giraffe, hippo, wildebeest, steenbuck, waterbuck, kudu, hyena, impala, and lechwe. In addition, there is phenomenal bird life along the Spillway’s banks. At night, nocturnal species like the wild cats, aardvark civet, aardwolf, serval, springhares, and honey badger can also be seen.

 The Selinda Explorers Camp caters for a maximum of eight guests making it ideal for individual travelers, couples, families and small groups of friends. It is the best setting for those guests who want to experience the extraordinary wildlife in Botswana but in the most private setting.

A Classical Safari


This intimate bohemian-chic-inspired lodge is composed of four Meru-style tents which provide comfort and style with a magnificently raw spirit. All tents are at ground level, including the Bedouin-style main lounge and dining area. The Selinda Explorers Camp was designed in the style of the early explorers and draws on traditions of the classic East African safari. It is a fancy version of a classic early explorer-style tented camp.  It has been hand-built to have as little impact on the environment as possible by virtue of the owners’ philosophy of touching the earth lightly. The custom-designed semi-permanent tents consist of two rooms plus verandah. The interior design of the tents pays homage to the early era of luxury safari with its campaign-style furniture made from recycled hardwoods, and soft furnishings from Zanzibar and the East, including crystal decanters and Persian rugs. There is also a private open-air

The custom-designed semi-permanent tents consist of two rooms plus verandah. The interior design of the tents pays homage to the early era of luxury safari with its campaign-style furniture made from recycled hardwoods, and soft furnishings from Zanzibar and the East, including crystal decanters and Persian rugs. There is also a private open-air bustani bathroom with hot water showers and flush loo which is attached and enclosed to the tent but is under the stars. Standing fans and mosquito nets are also provided to repel and prevent malaria-carrying mosquitos. A hammock is strung up in the shade, providing the perfect spot for an afternoon siesta just outside of each tent.

selinda explorers

Consistent with being eco-friendly, the camp is powered by solar power. There is, however, a small generator used as a battery charging station in the main area. The camp also instituted a gray water treatment plant and use borehole water for drinking. All the drinking water goes through an Ultra Violet reverse osmosis system to make sure they are safe for consumption. The camp also tries its best to limit the light and noise pollution to an absolute minimum. There is no TV, no radio, no cell phone reception or internet in the camp so you will really be secluded from the rest of the world and can focus on making your wildlife encounter the most unforgettable adventure experience. A satellite phone and a radio are however in place for emergency purposes so you do not have to worry about getting help if needed.

It must be noted that the camp is a seasonal safari camp lodge. It is only open from March to November each year and closed from December – February of the following year. The ideal length of stay in the Selinda Explorers Camp is three to four nights.

In addition to the ultimate classical safari experience, the camp is complemented by attentive staff, private professional service, and sumptuous food. There is no room service at Selinda Explorers Camp but three delicious wholesome meals a day are provided from the camp’s bush kitchen. The meals are mainly made using local fresh ingredients and served in the tented dining area or beneath the stars.

Fascinating Wilderness Experience

Selinda Explorers Camp offers walking, canoeing, game drives and young explorers’ program. The camp focuses primarily on the traditional safaris of walking and is in fact, one of the excellent camps for walking safaris in Botswana. Through the guided walks, you will be fascinated by the small and incredibly interesting things often missed while riding vehicles. It will give you the chance to appreciate the stunning landscape of the reserve. All guides are firearm trained and will be armed during walks and canoes. So safety from feisty animals is the least of your concerns.

When the spillway is flooding, guests can experience a unique experience in southern Africa – canoeing. Paddling down the spillway and then walking back to camp is an ideal morning or afternoon trip. You can also ask your guide to keep watch while you enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool and clear waters of the Spillway in the middle of a hot day.

Game drives are also offered in the camp both during day and night. You will surely see some wildlife action during these game drives. The best times for game drives are at first light and in the soft light in the afternoon continuing until after dark.

Young Explorers’ Program

Only children 10 years old and above are allowed in the camp because of the high predator densities in and around camp and the fact that there is water surrounding it. The Selinda Explorers Camp focuses on walking which is much more an adult activity. So child-friendly walking activities based on children’s age was designed and now called the Young Explorers’ Program. It is a full syllabus of bushcraft skills designed to explore a range of experiences and topics from art to cooking to learning animal calls to birding to tracking wildlife. The Selinda Explorers Camp has guides who are great with children so parents do not have to worry about their kids. This program aims to educate the children so they too can help protect the beautiful environment.

The Selinda Explorers Camp is guaranteed to give you the best African safari experience with its classical-explorer-themed tents, professional services, and authentic wildlife activities. So book your stay now!