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Our goal is quite simple – to provide tailor-made getaways and kid-friendly safaris, supported by our knowledge and suggestions, at a cost that is generally less. You will get the complete protection and 24/7 customer support that you will surely help your travel plans. Our users vary from time-pressured newly-weds on their honeymoon, to parents concerned to ensure that all of their family’s needs are fulfilled on a first-time safari, to safari veterans eager to test someplace ‘different’.

Twinkle Tots way - why we love what we do

No, it’s not really a long distance footpath, however a means of working that is exclusively ours. On its core is our pursuit to uncover what you truly desire out of your holiday, not to tell you. Indeed, we take our expertise straight into the conversation, however not in an overpowering means. We like to speak about safaris, however we always remember that it’s exactly about you and what you wish out of your holiday. That’s the reason why we inquire more queries from the customers compared to a lot of companies. Our
approach isn’t about showing our expertise – that’s a given – but rather we
concentrate on learning what makes you tick and just what you desire from your safari.


Things change the moment the children go along, particularly travelling. A lot of things should be considered – health and safety, malaria (young kids mustn’t be taken into malaria regions), long distance-induced feeling of boredom, distance to health care and many others. All these should be thought about cautiously, prior to travelling. Absolutely nothing is more fascinating than viewing wildlife in the wild, understanding about the way they survive from the bush, and being shown the worth of conservation. And nothing much better than a bush walk along with a trained guide which specializes in educating kids. Forget about watching screens, let’s get outdoors. At Twinkle Tots, we offer you the best Kid-friendly safari experience!

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