Experience the African Bush Walk at Madikwe Hills

Africa has a significant number of game reserves that you can choose from. These game reserves’ main vision is to preserve the beauty of the dwindling wildlife. There are many ways to experience this great wildlife and one of them is to stay in private game lodges. These lodges are gateways to experience the amazing wildlife. You can get the chance to go near and up close to these animals that are usually just seen in pictures of books and movies. Meeting the wildlife of Africa up close is the most wonderful experience that anyone can truly cherish. And staying in a private game lodge can give you that awe-inspiring experience.

There are a number of lodges to choose from to suit your taste and preferences, from an overlooking view of the safari to an up-close encounter with the animals. One of these lodges that really takes the prize for the most inspiring view is the Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge.

Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge

The Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge is located in the middle of the Madikwe Game Reserve the North West Province which is just a 3.5-hour ride from Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is the biggest and less known game reserve in South Africa. Its untamed beauty is perfect for people who are looking for adventure in the wild. The reserve consists of wide plains of woodlands and grasslands that you will surely not want to miss. You can marvel at the beauty of the wilderness and the amazing animals you encounter.

Madikwe Safari Lodge

Madikwe Hills welcomes everybody from children to adults of all ages. It has a game-viewing area that is malaria-free. So you are assured that it is safe and secure from the dreaded illness. The staff is so hospitable that they will help you beyond your needs. They are also attentive and so warm to their guests. Their spacious and grand suites with a spectacular and breathtaking view in their terrace will make you want to stay and sleep in the terrace instead of your room. Since it is in the Madikwe Reserve, the echoes of the roaring wildlife will surely keep you on your feet just to see where it is coming from or what it is.

Best Place to Relax

The Madikwe Hills also has a pool which is perfect for the hot summers of South Africa to cool down. Guests can also have a drink at its bar and have a friendly chat with game rangers and managers or sit on the main deck overlooking waterhole is a perfect place to relax. They also have a wine cellar with local wines and, for your social media needs, a library with free internet facilities. They also have a gym and a spa for those who are looking for that authentic African care. This place is perfect for corporate retreats, family getaways or just a personal vacation to oneself. The magnificent view coupled with its hospitable people around will make your stay worthwhile in this crazy wilderness.

madikwe hills

African Bush Walk

The Madikwe Hills Lodges also offers a wide variety of activities and one of the most exciting activity is the African Bush Walk. One of their highlights is to really experience the amazing wildlife in South Africa. Note that the Madikwe Hills is in the middle of the Madikwe Reserve so there will be lots to see and expect some actions as well. The malaria-free reserve is not only home to the Big 5 of Africa but also to the zebra, impala, wildebeest, giraffe, warthog and the rare wild dogs. 

During the bush walk, you will feel the bush rather than simply observe it. It gives you the opportunity to experience Africa from the ground, in the safe hands of your professional guide. Through this bush walks, you will gain a much deeper understanding of your environment. These bushwalks are good for the soul. Reconnecting with the wild has been proven to be essential for human well-being.


They also have bush breakfast and Boma meals that are made exquisitely for guests to really emerge themselves to the African experience. Your day will start with a wake-up call and tea or coffee served at the main lodge while looking over the start of the sunrise. The first round of the anticipated game drive is from 5h30 to 8h30 where you will experience and interact with your surroundings in a more rounded way. A well-deserved breakfast feast will then be served back at the lodge. If the weather is right, you can have a bush breakfast upon request. Lunch will be served at 13h00 and at 16h00 is another relaxing afternoon tea or coffee served still at the beautiful main lodge. 

While waiting to start the second round of the game drive, you can take the opportunity to take another picture of the fantastic view of the main lodge. If you did not catch any action during the first round of the game drive, maybe in the second round you will, which starts at 16h30. 19h30 ends the exhausting day.  In addition to the beautiful and amazing sightings is the scrumptious meal that you will return to. A delicious dinner will be served in the boma or restaurant depending on the weather. The schedules in each season are the same from the wake-up call to the dinner but during the summer there is no bush walk since it is very hot.

 The guide will also give you a lot of helpful information from the do’s and dont’s in the wild to how they keep this magnificent place and creatures living in it safe and still running free.

The magic of South Africa is really enchanting that it will draw people back to it again. The adventurous place, the breathtaking view, the hospitable people, the mesmerizing animals and the comfortable accommodation lets you feel that you are certainly at home in a marvelous place. As you walk into the wilderness and learn the culture of the wild, keep in mind that mother nature build all these and we, as humans, are responsible to protect it.