Londolozi: A Wildlife Marvel For You To See

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”  Jawaharlal Nehru

In a continent where wildlife is breathing and teaming with life, lies a piece of Eden that is exclusive to the brave, the adventurous and the luxurious. Situated on the Sand River and in the very heart of the Sabi Game Reserve lies a wildlife marvel for people to see. Londolozi forms part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Wildlife such as leopards roam free here and it is a spectacular sight to see. Londolozi, derived from the Zulu word which means “protector of all things” or “the protector of all living things”. This place was once a hunting lodge for the rich. It was purchased by the Varty family in 1926.

For years, the Varty and Taylor clans build camps on the banks of the river. For years, they hosted wealthy people from popular presidents to prince and princesses that were known to have always admired the place because of its visible wildlife that is so free to roam and the stunning view from sunrise to sunset. The Varty and Taylor clan always used this place to entertain their guest by hunting wild game.

In 1969, John, Shane and Dave Varty assumed the ownership of the property and they were finally able to change the long tradition of hunting. They believed that wildlife tourism was economical without the killing of the beautiful wildlife. Instead, they focus on renovation, innovation, and customer care. They converted the once hunting lodge into a photo safari lodge dedicated and conserving the natural and bountiful wildlife. It was then that they changed the name to Londolozi to live up to the expectation of keeping and preserving the beautiful wildlife in Sand River.


There are many photo safari lodge in the Sabi Game Reserve but Londolozi is one of the premier spots to go to by tourists. And here are the top reasons:

The Stunning Wildlife View

Being the middle of a reserve, the camp is surrounded by wildlife from leopards to elephants. Guests can not only marvel on the décor of the camps but also the action that sometimes is unexpected when you are in the reserve. You can get a drive by to see the lions and other animals up close or just sit back and relax on the deck of one of the camps, sip champagne and just marvel on the amazing animals that pass by.

Great Customer Service

Londolozi has great accommodation to people who love the great outdoors but still value luxury. The staffs are willing to guide you and give you all the help you need to have a great time in Africa, especially in Londolozi.

The Different Activities You Can Do

A vacation and a sanctuary are what Londolozi is all about. Activities such as Yoga and massage therapy are available in Londolozi. A fitness gym is also available to those who want to continue their exercise even if they are away from home.

The Different Camps

There are a number of different camps in Londolozi. You just have to choose the perfect ambiance for you.

  1. Tree camps– From $1,584 per person per night, this camp seeks to amaze you. It is situated in the leadwood tree canopy. The Tree camp is a celebration of over 4 decades of connections and kinship with the wild free running leopards that move through Londolozi. Guests can lay lazily or drink champagne in the Tree camp deck while watching the elephants go by. It has its own private pool and dining area. A place that surely combines luxury with its wild atmosphere.
  2. b. Founder’s camp– A lodge exclusive for loyal guests and dedicated staff who helped in building Londolozi the beautiful place it is today. It is styled in what they call the bushveld Bohemia that accentuated the nature that surrounds the lodge itself.
  3. Private Granite Suites – For guests that want privacy and space, the Londolozi offers it Private Granite Suites that emphasizes its décor of granite, bold materials, and silver.
  4. Pioneer camp – This place is set in the 500-year-old ebony trees that not only gives shade but also history to its guests. It is the most secluded camp of all Londolozi camps. It’s perfect for a honeymoon getaway or a family getaway. Either way, guests will have a stunning view of the river below.
  5. Varty camp – This camp is said to be the symbolic heart of Londolozi. Its rooms have private swimming pools framed by timber decks. Other than the view, guests can also enjoy its Yoga deck next to Founders Camp.


In any place, the one thing that a guest will always look for is food. Londolozi does not shy away from its excellent food. It prides itself to have scrumptious food all day long. The food will surely satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

Londolozi Living Boutique

A vacation will not be complete without a little souvenir to bring back home to show friends and to remind the guests the wonderful adventure they had in Londolozi. In the boutique, guests can find a unique collection of African treasures. Londolozi supports the local community artists by selling their work in the boutique. Guests can choose from different varieties such as bracelets, necklace, potteries, and paintings.

The Sabi Sands Reserve is doing their best to preserve the wildlife that is slowly dwindling in Africa. Camps like Londolozi who are supporting the cause of preserving wildlife is doing its best to show its guests the importance of doing so. Maintaining their great customer service and preserving the beauty of their landscapes show how much they care about it.

Life in Africa is different but if you know the right people and the right place to go to, you might see the most unexpected paradise there is.