Madikwe Lelapa Safari Lodge

There is one place you can go where you can experience comfort, luxury, and adventure in the wilderness. This place is known for its amazing wildlife and unbelievable landscapes. South Africa is a place for that awe-inspiring scenery and that crazy adventure of seeing wild game. The one place that will let you experience all of these is the Madikwe Lelapa Lodge.

Madikwe Lelapa Lodge

Situated in the Madikwe Game Reserve, is a paradise for you to see and experience. It is one of the best and well-preserved game reserve. Madikwe Lelapa Lodge is situated in this upscale safari. This paradise will leave you in awe as the reserve’s grassland, forest, and rocky hills are home to a vast variety of wildlife. Not only you will see the Big five animals in this reserve, but you will also find the rare wild dogs, ostriches and a hundred different kinds of species of birds. Now, if you are in the heart of this wonderful place, you will surely be enchanted.

madikwe Lelapa-lodge-pool-exterior

Luxury Lodge

The Madikwe Lelapa Safari Lodge is one of the three main lodges of the Madikwe Safari Lodge. A private game viewing luxury lodge that will make your stay even more interesting. Lelapa, which translates to “family” in the local dialect, is really geared towards big families. As its name suggests, the Madikwe Lelapa Lodge is for families or group of friends. It has suites that can fit as many as 24 people inside. Its spacious rooms and the comfortable natural environment can make you feel closer to home. The staff members are warm and hospitable people. They always give their best to provide their guests the maximum comfort and extravagance that they deserve.

Madikwe Lelapa

Lodge for the Kids

The Madikwe Lelapa Lodge also welcomes children of all ages whether they are rowdy kids or sleuthing teenagers, this lodge can accommodate them all. The lodge is also equipped with children’s activities and a babysitter is always on standby if you need a hand with the little ones. But this lodge is not only for families with children but also for families with members that have special needs. It is accessible and environment-friendly to travelers with disability.

Basic Amenities

In addition, it has private plunge pools and communal pools should you wish to conduct a pool party for the entire family. You can also opt for a relaxing dip in the pool overlooking the beautiful safari. The Madikwe Lelapa Lodge has also a full range of dietary preferences that you can choose from. Whether you are a picky eater or just health conscious, there are many mouth-watering dishes to choose from their menu. The meals that will be served to you every day will always be a joy and worth every penny. The Madikwe Lelapa Lodge also has Wi-Fi in public areas that cater your needs so you can stop worrying about being away from home.

What Madikwe Lelapa Lodge Activities

The Madikwe Lelapa Lodge has also a lot of inclusions that will make you desire for more. One of them is the daily game drives with their qualified field guide. The guides will supplement your kids’ curiosity with trivia and information about the wildlife. Proactive interaction will surely leave the adults amused especially on how the guides can draw your kids’ thirst in discovering new things. Meanwhile, adults will also have a great time learning more from the guides while at the same time enjoying the mesmerizing scenery revealed right before their very eyes. It is an incomparable experience one could even start a travelogue.

Activities for Children

They also offer a lot of activities for children to keep them preoccupied; to fire up a slumber day; ignite hidden passions and develop a sense of belongingness among other kids. Kids will undeniably love the “Bumble” or jungle drives. Such an exhilarating experience anyone would never trade with anything in this world.  Many activities are accorded to children aged five years old and younger to give them an experience they could cherish and remember for a very long time. These drives peak interest to children like insects that live in the safari or plants that they can find. Bumble safari is much shorter and is designed to be safer and more interesting for kids their age.

Close encounters with the dangerous wild game are carefully avoided for safety reasons. But even watching the animals from afar is already a rewarding experience, as such every kid will never get to do the same empirical encounter all the time. Another worth enjoying to-do list is going inside the “eco house”. The eco house will surely quench the thirst of the curious and the fascinated. It gives you the feeling of being transported to another realm while just allowing your eyes to wander freely.

lelapa bush walks

Bush Walks

Madikwe Lelapa Lodge also offers guided bush walks that help you see the wildlife up close. Personal interaction would always be priceless. If you are a photographer or just an avid fan of the wilderness then these bush walks can give you the avenue you are looking for to take amazing photos of this marvelous wildlife reserve. They also offer wildlife lectures that fill your mind with information of the most important ways on how they preserve the beauty of the reserve and take care its creatures that live there.

Moreso, if you want a romantic yet still informative experience you can join their astronomy discussion. It is not purely theoretical, but also visual.  You can watch the stars and the galaxies surrounding it. You can marvel at the beauty of the night sky and wonder at how small you are in this grand universe while drinking a glass of their best champagne being served to guests like you.

Home Away From Home

The Madikwe Game Reserve is a gem and will always be. This is one of the biggest safari parks there is though one of the lesser known parks. The Madikwe Lelapa lodge is the place to stay if you want to seek out this gem and explore its beauty and tranquility. The place exudes romance and warmth that could ease lingering longingness. It is happiness in a form of home. Exploring the game reserve itself is not only an adventure but also an eye-opener.

The list of things that you can do in the place is endless. Whether you are just a small family or a group of adventurous friends, this place will surely hold your spirits up high. It is not just a place for learning, it is indeed a place for recreation and relaxation while living in a home away from home. Dorothy said, there is no place like home, but definitely, this one is an exception.