Sabi Sabi Kids Program

Sabi Sabi Kids Program

Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge offers a great kids-friendly safari experience. If you are worried about taking your kids on a safari holiday, thinking they will become bored too easily, this lodge is the perfect choice to ensure that doesn’t happen.
The EleFun Centre was created by childcare professionals. Your kids will have their own special place to indulge in wild fun.

Putting the Fun in Education

The Sabi Sabi Bush lodge was designed with the whole family in mind. The EleFun Centre is a special kids facility situated in the safety of the lodge. It’s not just about keeping the kids out of trouble while the adults relax, the activities aim to instil greater awareness and appreciation of nature.
While designing the space, the childcare professionals kept in mind that it needed to be a safe space, that made learning a fun activity. The interactive activities are hands-on, catering for kids between age 4 and 12.
The various bushveld-themed activities are age-appropriate, hosted by qualified staff who guide and supervise the kids. Subjects include bugs and birds, tracks and signs of wildlife, and bush survival. All the bush craft activities tackle environmentally focused subjects, keeping the kids constructively entertained for hours.

The Perfect Balance Between Play and Learning

Kids can spend the whole day at the Sabi Sabi EleFun Centre if they want to. In the mornings a variety of creative hobbies are explored. And the afternoons are filled with educational games. The kids are also taken on special bush walks and talks with the rangers. There are also scheduled midday kid-friendly game drives hosted by a childcare professional, exploring the topics of the ranger course.

The centre features a secure outdoor play area, perfect for a mini safari adventure within the safety of the Sabi Sabi Bush lodge. While the activities are structured at certain times during the day, kids are welcome to keep themselves busy in the play area when they aren’t participating in the formal sessions.
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Sabi Sabi EleFun Centre offers families the opportunity to strike the balance between family time and recharge moments for the grownups without the kids around. Book yourself a pampering session at the Amani Spa while the kids are exploring nature.
Programs are designed to be flexible, catering to the needs of kids according to their age and interests. The structured programs change regularly. The learning sessions are balanced with arts and crafts activities.

The Junior Ranger Program

The program is offered to kids aged 4 to 12. It is structed to be age-appropriate. Mini exploration outings are conducted with a ranger creating a little safari walk around the grounds of the lodge. Older kids are taken on an educational game drive into the bushveld.
Kids learn fascinating facts about the Sabi Sabi bushveld and the animals that call it home. When the weather is too cold for playing outside, kids are kept busy with arts and crafts sessions. Without the kids even realising it, they still learn while getting their hands dirty, the natural world and nature is used as themes for the crafts they create.
The centre is closed between 13:00 and 14:00, giving families a chance to have lunch together. Your kids can then also tell you about all the interesting things they had been learning about during the morning activities.
From 14:00 to 15:30 both indoor and outdoor games are offered. Again, the kids won’t even realise that they are learning while having fun, the games were created by the childcare professionals to enforce the classroom learning sessions content.
The outdoor area features a maze, obstacle course, field for ball or water sports, and lots of jungle gyms. To exercise the brains in a creative way as well, the kids can participate in quizzes about African animals, using animal sounds as well.

Book Your Family Safari at Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge

Exposing your kids to the wonder of the African bushveld, will open their eyes to an amazing new world. Whether you are a regular visitor to the bushveld, or it’s your first African safari, Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge is a great choice for a family-friendly holiday.
The Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is situated in the world-renowned 65 000-hectare Sabi Sand Reserve, on the South-Western side of the Kruger National Park. You can see the Big Five (rhino, elephant, buffalo, leopard, and lion) as well as more than 200 other animal species that roam the bushveld.
You can reach Sabi Sabi via a direct flight from O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) to the Sabi Sabi airstrip. Or you can fly to the Skukuza Airport, Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (Nelspruit). It is a 5-hour drive from Johannesburg.
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Best Kids Activities in Kruger Park

Preparing the family holiday is an exciting adventure of its own. It can be a wonderful activity to have your children contribute ideas for what they want to do on the next family trip. One of the most exotic and exciting trips you can plan with your family is a safari to Africa.

If you have seriously considered a safari and have begun making travel arrangements you probably already know that Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of Africa’s biggest national game reserves. There’s plenty to see and plenty to explore. The excitement is not just for adults, however, there are plenty of activities and routes as well as accommodations for kids in Kruger Park.

Kruger National Park. Mpumalanga. South Africa

The best activities include drives and luxury package deals that include time to play games, time to learn about the local culture, swimming and arts and crafts. Here is some advice about taking your children to Kruger Park on your family holiday Safari.

After you book your hotel and accommodations you want to review all the information you can about enjoying Kruger National Park. The south end of the park is more kid friendly than the North is. The landscape is exciting to see and the game is more bountiful so there are plenty more opportunities to see the animals for the children than in other areas of the park.

It should be noted that there is a hazard of malaria. For this reason be sure that the children are above the age of five before you take them into the park. If you are bringing children on your Safari who re younger than that you will want to make other arrangements for them to be looked after while you take a journey to view the game in the park area.


It is recommended that you take your children to areas of the park that only take about an hour to drive to. Crocodile Bridge is a recommended gate to enter through with your children because you have a higher chance of seeing lots of game almost as soon as you enter the park. It is only about an hour’s drive to Lower Sabie which is the ultimate child -friendly environment. It is the perfect place to stop and have lunch and also use the facilities if you plan on driving yourselves through Kruger National Park.

You can get help to you on your safari package and special deals and experiences for your children by contacting tour specialists. Let them know how many people are in your party and how many children you have traveling with you. Be sure to let them know the ages of the children so that they can help arrange age-appropriate activities for every child in your family.


Some of the activities will include swimming in the pool with trained staff members. They can also play games in the game room. One of the most special activities is learning the bush alphabet and more about the local culture. This is an educational experience as well as a fun experience for the children that will make memories that will last a lifetime,

There are also plenty of arts and crafts for the children to do including making masks with natural ingredients, painting, making things with modeling clay and just about any other activity that will keep your child occupied and happy for hours. Now that you know you are going to have a family safari in Africa speak to one of the destination specialists at your hotel or tour company and set up kids activities in Kruger Park.

6 Best Kids Activities In Cape Town

There are a lot of things for kids to do in Cape Town. If you’re planning to go there with your kids, then you should know about the best Cape Town activities for kids. Continue to read on to find out what our top picks are.

1. The West Coast Ostrich Ranch- The chances are your kids have never seen an ostrich face-to-face, nor have they had the chance to feed one. You can bring them to the West Coast Ostrich Ranch, which gives kids the chance to feed these animals and learn about them. Not only that, but kids can sit on an ostrich, stand on a giant ostrich egg or they can spend time playing in the children’s play area, which has a climbing frame and a sandpit. Adults will also love it here because they too will be able to feed ostriches and learn a lot about them.


2. Imhoff’s Farm- If you go to Kommetjie, then you’ll be able to go to Imhoff’s Farm, which your kids will love. Adults love it here too, but your kids will love the camel rides offered there and the playground. Horse rides can also be done here and so can face painting. If your kids are feeling adventurous, then they can view the snake park and they may have the chance to hold a living snake.


Adults can enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee at the organic coffee shop. There are a number of shops and art galleries too. You and your family can easily spend an entire day here.

3. South African National Museum- No trip to Cape Town would be complete without visiting the South African National Museum, which is located on Queen Victoria Street. The museum has an amazing dinosaur exhibition and a whale exhibition. Kids will love viewing the South African rock carvings. If you want to take your kids somewhere fun and a place where they will learn a lot about South Africa, then make sure you take them to the South African National Museum.


4. The Science Centre- The Science Centre is a great place to take the kids and there are a lot of activities for them to do here. They will let their imaginations run wild while they perform experiments at the centre and they will learn a lot about science in the process. Adults will learn quite a bit about science too and best of all, the Science Centre is a place where you can easily spend a few hours, so if you’re looking for something fun to do in Cape Town, then go to the Science Centre.


5. Eagle Encounters- This is a raptor rehabilitation center and it is the largest one in South Africa. The center is where your kids will enjoy watching amazing bird shows, which are interactive and you and your family may have the chance to hold a live eagle. There is space where your kids can burn energy by running around or play ball. Not only that, but there are no shortage of restaurants in the area and there’s a duck pond nearby, so make sure you bring the kids to it if they love ducks.


6. Boulders Beach- The last attraction on our list is Boulders Beach, which is where your kids will be able to view the African penguin colony. There is nothing like seeing the penguins in person and they are not shy, but you will want to tell your kids to not chase them because you don’t want to scare them off. You and your kids will love spending the day exploring this beach and the surrounding area, but do pack a lunch because you can easily spend an entire day or afternoon here. If you like penguins or are intrigued by them, then make sure you and your kids head to Boulders Beach while in Cape Town.


Those are only a few kids activities in Cape Town. However, those are some of the best activities for kids to do, so make sure you do those ones first. Your kids will love them. All you have to do now is book your trip to Cape Town and have a good time.