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Once in a while, we need to reacquaint ourselves with Mother Nature and its surfeit beauty. The world is a vast place of limitless wonders and gems. More often, people would go and explore the beauty of nature; they go hiking on mountains, visit famous landmarks, go camping on forests and take pictures above impressive edifices. Without a doubt, these places have unparalleled beauty you would not wish to miss. What most people are missing is the adventure that lies in the center of those mountains and forests they hike and beyond the walls of those landmarks and edifices they visit. There is a whole different world that is undeniably awesome. If you think that the eight wonders of the world are a vacation must-have before you die, then, think again.

The Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe game reserve

Wildlife parks are on a different level. These parks give more meaning to what you call an ultimate Mother Nature adventure. Visiting museums, libraries, and other known structures may be informative, hiking or camping may be physically and emotionally satisfying, but in all candor, you can experience all these by simply going to a wildlife reserve. It is not just informative or physically and emotionally fulfilling but also interactive.

Madikwe Game Reserve is a perfect place to go. Perfectly beautiful is not a parlance to exaggerate the reserve to seemingly entice travelers. It is by context and essence a haven on earth. It is a 75,000 hectares reserve home to Africa’s big five which includes the lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos. The reserve also boasts a huge wild dog reserve, a habitat of over 300 bird species, showcases a spectacular game viewing and offers full board lodges.

There is quite a number of lodges that you can choose from depending on what you desire. The lodges offer you comfort and security but not all can offer you a home to stay. There is so much to do in Madikwe Game Reserve and your two-day stay would not be enough. You will have to stay longer than that. There is so much to do and you need a place to stay. One of these places is a five-star rating Madikwe Dithaba Lodge.

Madikwe Dithaba Lodge

madikwe dithaba

Dithaba got its name from a Tswana word which means mountain. It is fitting to be called as such because the Madikwe Dithaba Lodge is located up on a mountain and offers a spectacular view stretching far and wide over the Madikwe Game Reserve. In addition to breath-taking views over expansive plains, Madikwe Dithaba Lodge is family-friendly and malaria-free which means that you can enjoy your stay without fearing of getting such disease from mosquitoes. The lodge has a close proximity to the diverse wildlife in the game reserve. Everyone will have easy access to the roaming wildlife.

Amenities Available

The Madikwe Dithaba Lodge is composed of 4 luxurious suites with a private butler fit for a royal, a ranger, a safari vehicle and an experienced chef who can prepare a repertoire of his dishes and a superfluous dinner. Each lavish suite can cater up to 8 persons so it is perfect for families and groups of friends. Your exclusive butler will cater all your needs during your stay. A dedicated ranger and safari vehicle will make your exciting wilderness adventure possible. All the suites have a lounge and private plunge pool where you can enjoy a dive and swim. To provide maximum comfort and satisfaction, all accommodations feature air conditioning and fans, fireplace and electric blankets. The Lodge has an inviting reception area if you want to bring in few visitors for a night talk over wildlife adventure and future wildlife vacation escapade.

Exclusive Lodge

One major feature of the Madikwe Dithaba Lodge is that it can be reserved exclusively for a family or group to enjoy, making Dithaba Lodge an excellent venue for plush intimate wedding parties. It is also noteworthy to mention that children of all ages are only allowed when the Madikwe Dithaba Lodge is reserved exclusively. On regular days, children below 16 years old are not allowed in the lodge for safety purposes. You can also relax in the library lounge and indulge yourself to reading facts about the animals you have had personal encounters. Temperature also drops when the night sky blankets the place giving you chills. You can warm up the room with the roaring fireplace situated at the Indoor lounge, or enthrall yourselves to some stargazing on the outdoor lounge area and boma


Your stay is already inclusive of three meals per day with a full range of dietary preferences catered for you. The lodge has both indoor and outdoor dining areas making your African-inspired breakfasts, picnic lunches and spectacular bush dinners under the African stars possible. You can also enjoy your afternoon high tea under a melodramatic sunset. You can enjoy a nostalgic moment while waiting for the night sky to finally culminate the day.  Tap the hidden connoisseur in you by tasting one of the seasoned beverages stocked in your room and try a different taste of snacks available therein as well. The Madikwe Dithaba Lodge offers one of the best accommodations in the Madikwe Game Reserve. Just a friendly heads-up though, since the place is located up a mountainous area, the lodge is not suitable for travelers with disability.

Activities To Enjoy

Activities include game drives, bush walks, village tours, and bird watching excursions. There are two game drives daily with FGASA qualified Field Guide who shall demonstrate and explain how to safely interact in the wild. Wildlife lectures will also take place.  Game drives are conducted twice a day through private safari vehicles available for a maximum number of eight guests per vehicle. It should be a long interactive and fun safari.

If you want to go closer and stop-by from time to time you can also enjoy the bush on foot. Nothing beats a journey on foot they say. It is not only experiential but also worthwhile. You can be as detailed as you want to be in looking at the wildlife. After a whole day tour, you will be treated to a Safari Sundowners to provide relief to everyone. Drinks will be overflowing, a party will be conducted, dinner must be exemplary and an African music will be played to complete the whole African-theme vacation.

Make your vacation a bit exciting by trying on these things. It is taking a risk without no risk at all. This is an adventure beyond the mainstream significance of it. Hold your grit, brace yourself and have a valuable walk with our amazing wildlife friends.