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The Best Family-Friendly Safari Lodges in The Sabi Sands

The Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, home to the once famous Mapogo Lions, has a variety of lodges that specialise in family-friendly accommodation as well as activities. Your child’s idea of fun might not be driving slowly in the car the whole day, looking for wild animals. But with the educational activities offered by the lodges, you will definitely manage to keep the whole family happy.
The activities include interesting bushveld facts and survival skills, as well as an introduction to wildlife conservation. Not only will you build priceless family holiday memories, your children will return home with a wealth of valuable skills and knowledge.

10 Tips for Taking Children on Safari

Before we explore your safari options, here’s a few tips to help you plan the best African family safari.

#1 Build Up the Anticipation

This can be a fun family activity before your trip, especially if it’s the first time your children go on an African safari. Use the opportunity to get everybody excited about the upcoming adventure, and you can also add an educational element to the experience.
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#2 Investigate Sleeping Arrangements

Depending on your choice of lodge, you can request adjoined family rooms to make your children feel more comfortable in the strange environment. Some lodges also offer a sleeping out option in tents, which you can consider as a fun add-on experience.

#3 Create A Game Drive Kit

If your children are old enough to join on the game drives, it’s a good idea to be prepared to keep them busy when they seem to be losing interest in slowly driving around, looking for animals. Consider purchasing a binocular and camera specifically for child use. Another great idea, is buying a few guide books and creating a checklist for kids to work from.

#4 Don’t Plan Too Much

Remember, it will be quite a sensory overload if it’s the first family safari. Rather take things a bit slow, pacing yourself through the holiday, than trying to squeeze in as many things as possible.

Safari Clothes for Children

The choice of clothes will mostly depend on the time of year you travel. Temperatures in this area can be quite extreme. It’s best to pack for both extremes. Even in the summer time, the evenings can become chilly after an afternoon thunderstorm. And in the winter the middle of the day can become almost as hot as a spring or summer day.

  • Zip-off safari pants
  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Short and long-sleeve shirts
  • Close-toed sandals
  • Extra pair of walking shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Swimwear and goggles

Top 4 Child Friendly Safari Lodges in The Sabi Sands

Londolozi Kids Program

#1 Londolozi Founders Camp and Londolozi Varty Camp

Londolozi means ‘protector of all living things’ in Zulu, and this lodge lives up to its name, being a leader in the ecotourism industry. They are specifically famous for their special relationship with the leopards in the area.
The reserve is situated in the heart of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, on the Sand River. It is a family-run lodge, with a prestigious Relais & Chateau status. You are guaranteed an amazing luxury safari experience.
Londolozi takes prides in catering for the special needs of families. The Londolozi Cubs programme has been tweaked over the years to introduce children to the wonderful magic of the African bush. With all the fun-filled activities, they won’t even notice that they are learning! The programme will turn your children into little rangers, instilling in them a sense of the delicate balance between people and nature.
The Londolozi Cub’s den includes fish pounds and campout tents for exploring. Children younger than 6 years old are not allowed on game drives, but there are babysitting services available to keep an eye on them while parents and older children are away from the lodge. Activities include bird watching, spoor identification, African dancing, plus arts and crafts such as candle making and Papier Mache.
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Londolozi Kids Program Sabi Sands

#2 Elephant Plains

All children are welcome at this lovely lodge, but only children older than 12 are allowed on game drives. No children are allowed on bush walks. The lodge structures the Mini Tuckers programme according to how many children are present. This ensures that every child enjoys an enriching and unique safari experience.
The passionate staff will keep your children thoroughly entertained with educational activities. These include beading, painting and drawing, as well as more nature-orientated fun. Children can go on special supervised mini bush walks close to the lodge and learn how to construct an ant farm.
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#3 Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

Ulusaba is the private game reserve of the Virgin Active legend, Richard Branson. Only children older than 11 are allowed. The Cub’s Club keeps children busy with a wide range of fun-filled learning activities. They offer a mini ranger course, teaching children bush skills such as tracking and spoor identifying.
A special unique offering, is the children’s spa menu. Treatments include a Choco Boo Hand and Foot treatment, with chocolate. Children can also enjoy special meals prepared for junior palates. The Cub’s Club Backpack is a fun goodie bag filled with games, toys and activities to keep children entertained for hours on end. All the activities aim to teach children more about the African bush, in a fun way. Complimentary babysitting services are available at all times.
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#4 Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge

EleFun Centre Bush Lodge 5 Sabi Sabi Kids
Sabi Sabi lodge aims to create a safari experience that focuses on quality family time. The beauty of the African bush can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Acquiring more information about the bush and animals creates a special appreciation for nature.
The interactive children activities were designed professionally, incorporating knowledge into the entertainment. The Elefun centre offers two programmes. The junior tracker program is suitable for children aged 4 to 8. And the junior ranger program is offered to children aged 9 to 12.
With a strong edutainment philosophy, your children will return home after the safari with a wealth of new knowledge. The activities include, map reading, identifying animals and insects, arts and crafts, bush walks, and more.
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Sabi Sabi Deck

Londolozi Kid’s Program

At Londolozi, providing family fun is very important. Since the lodge opened, four generations of the Varty family have enjoyed the wonderful child-friendly safari space created. The bushveld surrounding the Londolozi camps, is any child’s dream come to for a wild adventure!
The Londolozi Cubs program has been tweaked over the years to offer excellent edutainment (education with entertainment built in) for kids of all ages. Every day on holiday will turn your little ones into budding young rangers. While learning more about the African bushveld, they will also learn more about their role in conserving Africa’s amazing biodiversity.

Reasons Why You Should Book A Family Safari Holiday at Londolozi

Some families have regular outings into the bushveld. Others will splurge on a safari holiday only a few times during their kids’ childhood. Whether you are a big lover of the wild African lifestyle, or only plan on experiencing it in small doses, there are many great benefits to consider.

Teach Your Kids to Appreciate the World Around Them

Nowadays most people live in urban jungles, rather than wild ones. By taking your kids out of their usual living circumstances, you will challenge their outlook on the world. There’s something special about the smells, sounds, and sights of the African bushveld. By exposing your kids to the rugged natural world, you instil a greater appreciation for it in them. Even in the urban jungles, nature still abounds, but it’s sometimes harder to take notice of it.

Reinforce A Thirst for Knowledge

Your kids will most likely be learning a lot about the natural world at school. On a safari you can give them a deeper experience of the theories they are exposed to. During your safari holiday, your kids will be able to see in practice what they have been learning about in class.

Expose Your Kids to The Unknown

If it’s your kids first safari, they will be exploring a whole new unknown world. And in this world, there are also new people to meet and learn more about. Exposing your kids to different cultures, is one of the most enriching experiences you will ever offer them. Outings are scheduled to the Shangana Cultural Village, situated near the Londolozi camps.
Londolozi Kids Program Fishing

Reconnect as A Family

Moving outside of your usual routine is always a great opportunity to reconnect. Removed from the daily distractions of school and work routines, you can schedule alone-time as a family. An escape into the African bush is a great way to recharge as a family unit.

Learning While Having Fun at Londolozi

The Londolozi Cubs program is not just about keeping the kids entertained while the adults relax. In the Cubs Den kids explore who they are, learn more about other cultures, as well as learn how to build friendships. For the city kids, learning how to survive in the wilderness will expose them to a whole new world.
Londolozi has gone above and beyond offering just a program to keep kids busy, building a special Cubs Den that provides hours of fun. Let your kids embrace the rugged safari lifestyle – splashing in the fish ponds, “driving” their own Land Rovers, and sleeping in the campout tents. It also features an educational centre, where wildlife is put under the microscope and young minds filled with information.
All the indoor fun is balanced by outdoor adventures. The Cub Coach, an expert naturalist, takes the kids on guided bushveld excursions, still within the safe boundaries of the camps. Kids get to dive into nature and explore it through all their senses.

Fun Activities at Londolozi

Two of Londolozi’s camps are geared towards family fun. The Varty and Founders camps are perfect for kids between the ages of 6 and 16 years. Only children above the age of 6 are allowed on game drives. When venturing outside the camp, a qualified Cub Coach supervises activities. Exploring is always conducted near the safety of the safari vehicle.

Outdoor activities

  • bird watching
  • bug catching
  • spoor identification
  • dung spitting
  • fishing
  • clay pigeon shooting

Indoor Activities

  • Paper Mache
  • candle making
  • baking
  • African dance
  • bead making
  • singing and drumming
  • gumboot dancing

The Future Ranger Course is offered to kids from age 6 to 12. The course topics include ecology and conservation, bird identification and mammal behaviours, plants and their medicinal uses, know your Land Rover, understand your weapon and the human place in nature, as well as Shangaan lessons.

Keep the Safari Memory Alive

After you return home from your epic family safari adventure, you can keep your kids excited about the African bush by following the Cubs Den Blog. You can also download the Londolozi iBooks before or after your trip.

The Ultimate Safari Holiday at Londolozi

If you were unsure whether your kids would benefit from a safari experience, rest assured. At Londolozi family fun is one of the number one priorities. Besides all the edutainment activities, the lodge also offers babysitting services. Strike the perfect balance between family interaction and couple recharge moments.
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Allow Your Kids To Explore The Wild With Children’s Activities At Londolozi

Private game reserves in South Africa has an enviable international reputation for providing some of the best safari related experiences on the face of the planet. Ultra luxury accommodation and service level that equal and most often exceed those provided to guests at any other luxury destination on the continent and indeed anywhere in the world. Guests are pampered from the moment that they arrive at the moment that they leave – and while they’re cossetted in the comfort of a luxury game lodge they are also treated to 5-star cuisine and exceptional domestic and international wines and aperitifs.
The only limitation is that many of the lodges are not child-friendly, often barring children under a certain age from enjoying the exquisite luxury accommodation that they offer – some even limit their clientele to adults only.
However there’s good news in that one of the best private game reserves, Londolozi actually welcomes kids with open arms. In fact, Londolozi has specifically structured activities for the younger members of the family to enjoy.
Aside from the inevitable wonder that a game drive will provide for kids it’s the time that is spent between these events that really makes Londolozi a cut above the rest when it comes to keeping children active and stimulated.
In fact, the fun starts just after breakfast and ends when it’s time to climb aboard the open-topped game drive vehicle for the afternoon game drive.
During this time kids can really get an experience of what growing up in the South African bush is really all about. From fishing to rock climbing and the ever popular mud fights there is simply no other private game reserve that offers more fun under the African sun than Londolozi.
It’s not all just about kicking off the restrictions of big city life – there’s also a huge helping of educational but still stimulating activities including the tracking and track moulding excursions. Hosted by one of Londolozi’s exceptionally qualified and kid friendly guides this activity will offer an insight into the magnificent wildlife of the reserve and the literal breath of fresh air will open up new vistas of imagination to even the most Internet and app focused child.
The value of creativity is also explored with classes on cooking and baking and arts and crafts. Of course the popularity of the pool which is found alongside the new Cub’s Den in all part of what makes kids absolutely thrilled to be part of the Londolozi experience.
Education and fun also go hand in hand at Londolozi. Imagine climbing a gnarled old tree, just like the reserves many Leopards under the watchful eye of qualified personnel. This is learning with a generous helping of outdoor fun. Kids are also kept powered up by the kid-friendly meals and are exposed to some of the interesting and varied cultures that have shaped this corner of Africa.Londolozi. Imagine climbing a gnarled old tree, just like the reserves many Leopards under the watchful eye of qualified personnel. This is learning with a generous helping of outdoor fun. Kids are also kept powered up by the kid-friendly meals and are exposed to some of the interesting and varied cultures that have shaped this corner of Africa.
For parents who want to give their children an experience that will live in their memory forever Londolozi is the perfect child-friendly safari destination. make sure that it’s on your list of places to see.