Londolozi Kid’s Program

At Londolozi, providing family fun is very important. Since the lodge opened, four generations of the Varty family have enjoyed the wonderful child-friendly safari space created. The bushveld surrounding the Londolozi camps, is any child’s dream come to for a wild adventure!
The Londolozi kid’s program, named the Londolozi Cubs Program, has been tweaked over the years to offer excellent edutainment (education with entertainment built in) for kids of all ages. Every day on holiday will turn your little ones into budding young rangers. While learning more about the African bushveld, they will also learn more about their role in conserving Africa’s amazing biodiversity.

Reasons Why You Should Book A Family Safari Holiday at Londolozi

Some families have regular outings into the bushveld. Others will splurge on a safari holiday only a few times during their kids’ childhood. Whether you are a big lover of the wild African lifestyle, or only plan on experiencing it in small doses, there are many great benefits to consider.

Teach Your Kids to Appreciate the World Around Them

Nowadays most people live in urban jungles, rather than wild ones. By taking your kids out of their usual living circumstances, you will challenge their outlook on the world. There’s something special about the smells, sounds, and sights of the African bushveld. By exposing your kids to the rugged natural world, you instil a greater appreciation for it in them. Even in the urban jungles, nature still abounds, but it’s sometimes harder to take notice of it.

Reinforce A Thirst for Knowledge

Your kids will most likely be learning a lot about the natural world at school. On a safari you can give them a deeper experience of the theories they are exposed to. During your safari holiday, your kids will be able to see in practice what they have been learning about in class.

Expose Your Kids to The Unknown

If it’s your kids first safari, they will be exploring a whole new unknown world. And in this world, there are also new people to meet and learn more about. Exposing your kids to different cultures, is one of the most enriching experiences you will ever offer them. Outings are scheduled to the Shangana Cultural Village, situated near the Londolozi camps.

Reconnect as A Family

Moving outside of your usual routine is always a great opportunity to reconnect. Removed from the daily distractions of school and work routines, you can schedule alone-time as a family. An escape into the African bush is a great way to recharge as a family unit.

Learning While Having Fun at Londolozi

The Londolozi Cubs program is not just about keeping the kids entertained while the adults relax. In the Cubs Den kids explore who they are, learn more about other cultures, as well as learn how to build friendships. For the city kids, learning how to survive in the wilderness will expose them to a whole new world.
Londolozi has gone above and beyond offering just a program to keep kids busy, building a special Cubs Den that provides hours of fun. Let your kids embrace the rugged safari lifestyle – splashing in the fish ponds, “driving” their own Land Rovers, and sleeping in the campout tents. It also features an educational centre, where wildlife is put under the microscope and young minds filled with information.
All the indoor fun is balanced by outdoor adventures. The Cub Coach, an expert naturalist, takes the kids on guided bushveld excursions, still within the safe boundaries of the camps. Kids get to dive into nature and explore it through all their senses.

Close encounters with the dangerous wild game are carefully avoided for safety reasons. But even watching the animals from afar is already a rewarding experience, as such every kid will never get to do the same empirical encounter all the time. Another worth enjoying to-do list is going inside the “eco house”. The eco house will surely quench the thirst of the curious and the fascinated. It gives you the feeling of being transported to another realm while just allowing your eyes to wander freely.

Fun Activities at Londolozi

Two of Londolozi’s camps are geared towards family fun. The Varty and Founders camps are perfect for kids between the ages of 6 and 16 years. Only children above the age of 6 are allowed on game drives. When venturing outside the camp, a qualified Cub Coach supervises activities. Exploring is always conducted near the safety of the safari vehicle.

Moreso, if you want a romantic yet still informative experience you can join their astronomy discussion. It is not purely theoretical, but also visual.  You can watch the stars and the galaxies surrounding it. You can marvel at the beauty of the night sky and wonder at how small you are in this grand universe while drinking a glass of their best champagne being served to guests like you.

Outdoor activities

  • bird watching
  • bug catching
  • spoor identification
  • dung spitting
  • fishing
  • clay pigeon shooting


Indoor activities

  • Paper Mache
  • candle making
  • baking
  • African dance
  • bead making
  • singing and drumming
  • gumboot dancing


The Future Ranger Course is offered to kids from age 6 to 12. The course topics include ecology and conservation, bird identification and mammal behaviours, plants and their medicinal uses, know your Land Rover, understand your weapon and the human place in nature, as well as Shangaan lessons.

Keep the Safari Memory Alive

After you return home from your epic family safari adventure, you can keep your kids excited about the African bush by following the Cubs Den Blog. You can also download the Londolozi iBooks before or after your trip.

The Ultimate Safari Holiday at Londolozi

If you were unsure whether your kids would benefit from a safari experience, rest assured. At Londolozi family fun is one of the number one priorities. Besides all the edutainment activities, the lodge also offers babysitting services. Strike the perfect balance between family interaction and couple recharge moments.
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