Kids Bush School In Seattle

The Bush School was founded in 1924 and is currently the only independent private school in the Seattle area. The school is located in the Madison Valley area and is attended by a little over 600 students.

The school was originally founded by Helen Taylor Bush and did not move to its current location until 1930. The school was thoroughly remodeled during 2005 and 2006. New buildings were added to the school, including a new library and a new gymnasium. The school is on a 6 acres campus.

The Bush School’s motto, ‘Experience Education’ is a reference to the school’s unique mission. This private school wants to push students to think outside of the box and to take an active part in their community. The school accomplishes this by adopting a unique approach to education and by providing students with different opportunities to complete projects.

Students can, for instance, apply to study abroad or to complete a Senior Project before graduating from high school. The Bush School also has several sports teams and students can sign up for a wide range of activities and sports. These sports include ultimate frisbee, golf, skiing, track and field, tennis, baseball, volleyball and soccer.

Percy Abram is the head of the Bush School and the school currently employs over 80 faculty members. There are a little over 40 people working in the school administration. There are almost 200 students in the K through 5 levels, 160 students in the 6 through 8 grades and over 230 students at the high school level.

The Bush School has an excellent reputation due to the quality of the education and the fact that classes are relatively small. Students and parents are overall very satisfied with the education, the values of the school and the dedication of the teachers.

Students need to go through an application process to get into the school. Parents can start the application process online before schedule a campus visit where an assessment of the student is performed. School records and evaluations are required for older students. Parents have the possibility to apply for financial aid as well.

The Bush School is an interesting educational choice because it takes a different approach and the smaller class sizes are ideal for students. This is a good fit for students who could benefit from taking a more proactive role in their education by completing different projects and by learning with a hands-on approach.

The Bush School fosters the development of leadership skills and encourage students to take initiative. Students are also encouraged to participate in different projects and sports. This is beneficial for students who plan on going to college since these skills and different activities will prepare them for higher education.

The Bush School is the only independent private school in the Seattle area and is an excellent choice for parents who want their children to take a more active part in their education and have access to more activity. The relatively small size of the campus and classes is also an advantage.

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